Panel Discussions

“The Baltic Experience: Memoirs & Memories”

In the upheaval of World War II, millions of people were uprooted and became missing. There was no public memory - no documentaries, no videos, no webcasts, no news reports. It was an oral history talked about only with trustworthy company. The history of the Baltics is a patchwork of memories, letters, photos and memoirs shared with family and friends. In this unique forum we will present to a broader audience the stories from Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians, their memoirs and memories captured in both written form and oral form in film.

Meet The Baltic Filmmakers
moderated by Emmy Award-winning A & E Critic Joyce Kulhawik

Copley Marriott, 4th Floor
November 23rd 12:00-1:00pm.

A panel discussion with eight leading producers and directors of films being shown at our Baltic Film Festival

  • Helga Merits "Coming home soon – the refugee children of Geislingen"
  • Terje Toomistu "Soviet Hippies"
  • Aigars Grauba "The Pagan King"
  • Madara Dišlere "Paradise '89"
  • Anna Viduleja "Homo Novus"
  • Donatas Ulvydas "Emilia"
  • Zivile Gallego "Emilia"
  • Mindaugas Kavaliauskas "Proudly Shy: Lithuanian Photography 1988 - 2018”

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“Meet the Baltic Ambassadors”

  • Estonia — Ambassador Jonatan Vseviov
  • Latvia — Ambassador Andris Teikmanis
  • Lithuania — Ambassador Rolandas Kriščiūnas
  • Moderator - Karl Altau, Managing Director of the Joint Baltic American National Committee, Inc