Marketplace of Baltic Crafts

Our Christmas Marketplace will showcase goods and crafts from all three Baltic countries and will provide early Christmas shopping with a unique northern European flair!

Participating Merchants

Linos Lithuanian Food, LLC.

An important piece of Lithuanian culture is its traditional, yet diverse cuisine that is both authentic and delicious. Here at Linos Lithuanian Food, we take pride in our roots. Therefore, our mission is to bring this priceless aspect of “home” right to your family's table... Find Out More

Handcrafted Jewelry by Danute Mileika

I was born in Lithuania, where I graduated from the Lithuanian Music and Theater Academy, with major in Classical Singing. I have resided in Boston since 1994... Find Out More


I was born in Kretinga, Lithuania. I was artistically inclined and creative since childhood. I grew up in an amber jewelers’ family, yet I got interested in amber much later as an adult, when I moved to the USA. Working with amber came to me naturaly as it is my family craft and I was born into it. Amber is my connection to my family, Lithuania, my roots, and tradition. I design amber jewelry, create a concept, but pieces are executed by my family members... Find Out More


I was born in Kaunas, Lithuania. Twenty years ago, my family and I moved to the United States. I fell in love with jewelry making about ten years ago. I am grateful to my mama for all inspiration and creativity - she was very talented in crafts and art, and passed it on to me... Find Out More

Blue Hen Pottery By Anne Pärtna

I was born in Lüganuse, Estonia, a place I still hold dear to my heart and visit as often as possible. I’ve lived in USA now for nearly twenty years. Since 2011, Seagrove NC has been a home for our family, where we nurture a small business called Blue Hen Pottery... Find Out More

Natural and comfortable throughout the Year By Elotroi OY

I started to show an interest in natural materials and ethnic design in textiles in my childhood. When I was young, I knew that I wanted to create products using natural materials, combining ethnic symbols with modern design... Find Out More

Handcrafted Lace Knitting and Ceramics

am Janika Printsmann and proud to be an Estonian. Love of handicraft has accompanied me throughout my life and my biggest mentors were both grandmothers. Various knitting projects left me with an abundant amount of swatches that led me to create my very unique jewelry and bag line... Find Out More

Slippers by Juss

My felted slippers are uniquely handcrafted in Saku, a small rural town in Estonia. I began crafting by hand back in 2003, with the single aim of producing the finest woolen slippers on the market... Find Out More

Glasses that dance by Kateriin Rikken

Cognac glasses made by the glassmaker Kateriin Rikken are playful, yet elegant. Whimsical shapes provide joyful conversations. Gold leaf at the bottom of the glasses brightens the colour of cognac and gives every glass it’s own personal touch. The shape of the glass fits perfectly to the palm of the hand, which also helps to warm the beverage. Glasses that dance do not limit one to cognac because they are perfect also for whiskey, scotch, brandies, calvados and other noble drinks... Find Out More

Kristiana Pärn

Kristiana Pärn is an Estonian born artist living and working in New York City. At the age of seventeen she launched her art career, studying with Estonian painter Marje Berlokko. Shortly after graduation, Kristiana moved to New York City to study animation at The School of Visual Arts. Since 2005, she has focused exclusively on illustration work, starting out as a textile designer for various Manhattan studios. In 2006, Kristiana established her own studio in Brooklyn. Her work has been shown throughout the United States and abroad... Find Out More

Külli Jacobson

Külli Jacobson was born on April 2nd, 1970 in Tallinn. She studied applied mathematics at Tartu Universtity and Economics at UCONN. In 2008 she and her family moved to the countyside in Põlva County, to Leppoja farm, which is situated in the middle of beautiful nature... Find Out More

Haapsalu lacework

I am Liina Langi, known online as “Rees”, and a professional Estonian lace knitter. The love of handicraft has accompanied me throughout life, even when working as a correctional officer after graduation from the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. About 10 years ago I decided to stay true to my passion, becoming a crafts entrepreneur, specializing in Haapsalu lace and national embroidery. The balance of the pure whiteness and delicacy of the traditional Haapsalu lace with the rich color of Estonian national embroidery led to natural dyeing of materials... Find Out More

Marina Veiler Art

I’ve been making art since I was 2 years old, creating animals from candy foil and drawing. I always created art as far as I can remember myself. But I had another love and passion - music, which eventually took over. I graduated as a pianist from Estonian Academy of Music, and got scholarships to pursue my Masters and Doctorate degrees in piano performance here in US... Find Out More

Estomex Creations by Niels Pustrom

I am originally from North Carolina, born to Estonian parents, but my family moved to Rumson, NJ in 1964. I became interested in Geology when I was attending Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School, and have been a rock-hound ever since. It became aware to me that Brookdale Community College offered courses in jewelry making; something that I had wanted to do for many years... Find Out More

Pippin Studio Jewelry by Kerli Pajusaar

The Pippin Studio brand is directed by Kerli Pajusaar, an Estonian designer whose creative talents began in childhood, with admiration for beauty, color and harmony. She graduated from Art School in Tartu in 2005 specializing in sculpture. After graduation Kerli worked in ceramics and glassworks. Pippin Studio was created in 2010, and is an umbrella for a variety of jewelry collections incorporating classic styles along with asymmetric and surprising color combinations... Find Out More

Handcrafted wood burned gifts European Style Pyrography

Wood Burning in the European Style has been a hobby for Riina Malgi Viise since childhood. Her father, who was a master violin maker, taught her how wood transforms and planted a deep-rooted seed of love for woodcraft. That seed has grown and the love of wood has accompanied her throughout her life. For Riina, wood is “real” and its flaws challenge her to bring out the beauty of that wood... Find Out More

Children’s gloves and mittens by Taimi Härma

It seems I’ve been knitting all my life, initially as a hobby that I thoroughly enjoyed. 25 years ago that hobby became a vocation. In those years I have participated in many showcases and fairs both in Estonia and the Scandinavian countries. I’ve also run a number of handicraft stores... Find Out More

Rima Adomaviciene | Jewelry Designer

Even though I've earned a degree in Humanities, I have been intrigued by art since I was a kid. As far as I remember, I was always surrounded by the artists. Painting was my very first passion! Even when I was a little girl I was always trying to make anything from scratch. When you grow up in Lithuania, being an artist is a lifestyle. I started making jewelry when I moved to the USA 13 years ago. Jewelry is a big part of my life. I feel inspired by nature.... Find Out More

Indre Pralataviciute Mineikiene

I was born in Kaunas, Lithuania. Now I am from Indiana state. I grew up with music and art. I studied art teacher and leather art. I also have been studying acting for seven years. My grand grandfather was “Kaunas national musical theater’’ scenic decorator. Maybe that’s why I love art, music and theater. ... Find Out More

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