Art exhibit

Participating Artists

The Art Exhibit will showcase Modern Artwork by current artists from all three Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

A historic art exhibit will also display our ethnic treasures expressing each of our Baltic cultural identities using paintings, metal, wood, pottery, glass, fabric, and fiber.

Aivars Zandbergs

The Zandbergs family immigrated to the United States in 1950 and settled in Texas. After moving to Connecticut, Aivars Zandbergs was accepted to study at the School of Practical Art in Boston. He received a diploma in Advertising Design and a BA from the Art Institute of Boston. He worked as a commercial artist and did freelance work... Learn More

Gema Phillips

Gema Phillips is an accomplished artist. Right after high school, she began studying at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. Gema continued her education in the arts at Northeastern University where she earned a B.A. in Fine Arts with a teaching certificate... Learn More

Inga Dankers

Inga Dankers graduated from Northeastern University with degrees in Biology and Medical Technology. Even while pursuing a career in dental research in the medical diagnostics & business world, she always made taking art classes and workshops with leading artists a priority... Learn More

Jack McGowan

An artist of Lithuanian heritage, Jack works primarily in pastels and acrylics. Focusing on portraits and abstracts, he has had a longstanding interest in various art forms. Jack took art courses in college as well as locally in the Boston area, however he developed his main art interest independently while traveling. His creative inspiration stems mostly from trips abroad, especially two trips to Europe in the late 1990’s... Learn More

Janis Sanders

Janis Sanders is an accomplished oil painter, who has won awards for his unique painting style. His work is done with a palette knife, often en plein air. He melds elements of American Realism with Modernism/Impressionism for a dramatically contemporary visual result. He works to convey light glancing on a surface to communicate the spirit of the place of each singular American setting... Learn More

Laima Sprangauskaite

LAIMA SPRANGAUSKAITE graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania with an MFA in painting. She studied printmaking in the New York City at the National Academy of Design School of Fine Arts and received scholarships from Valerie Delacorte, Antanina Kunigonis Bachielis and the J.B.Margaret Blaugrund Foundation... Learn More

Maris Platais

Māris Platais was born in Latvia and received his secondary education in the U.S. He is a graduate of Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
He is an elected member of the Guild of Boston Artists and the American Society of Marine Artists... Learn More

Monika Plioplyte

Born in Kaunas, Lithuania and moved to United States with her family in her early teens. She received her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design (‘12). She has been a recipient of Genevieve McMillan - Reba Stewart Travel award for printmakers in 2012, Blanche E. Colman Award in 2016 and John W. Kurtich Foundation Travel Grant 2017. W... Learn More

Maira Reinbergs

Latvian born Maira Reinbergs holds a BFA degree from Massachusetts College of Art. She has exhibited in galleries in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, upstate New York and Canada. Well known companies have displayed her work as part of the Corporate Art Loan Program of the deCordova Museum. Her paintings are in many private collections as well as in three museums in Latvia: Global Center for Latvian Art, the Jelgava History and Art Museum and the Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga. Maira has received numerous awards – in 2017 she was the Grand Prize Winner from the Society of Latvian Artists in Canada...Learn More

Epp Ojamaa

Epp graduated from Montclair as an art teacher. While pursing a career in teaching in Piscataway NJ, she got a MFA at Rutgers, took a sabbatical to Estonia, spent time taking art courses at the lithographic studios of Pratt Institute in Manhattan, and finally got married and started raising a family... Learn More

Inga Strause-Godejord

Inga graduated from Applied Art College, Design Department (1989), and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from the Academy of Art of Latvia in 1995... Learn More

Anne Pärtna of Blue Hen Pottery

EAnne Pärtna is a graduate of ECU (2007) and holds an MFA degree with concentration in Ceramics. She received her BFA degree from Estonian Academy of Art (2000), in her native Estonia where her family still resides on a farm on the Gulf of Finland. She threw her first pot on the hub of an overturned tricycle when she was nine years old while her younger brother spun the wheel. Anne... Learn More

Eleri Ever

Eleri Ever is Estonian-born photographer working and living in New York City. She studied photography at New York Film Academy, where she found her affection for cinematic style entwined with decisive moments. Eleri has worked for Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, Eesti Ekspress, Anne&Stiil, Sundance Film Festival, Super Bowl and has also covered the President and the Prime Minister of Estonia visits to New York City for the past five years...Learn More

Iris Kivisalu

Iris Kivisalu (1983) is an award-winning photographer currently living in Tallinn, Estonia. She's studied journalism and sociology which both contribute to her unique style of melancholic beauty often paired with documentary storytelling found mostly in portraits, work with creatives, street photography, but her fashion work is more rare... Learn More

Ivo Lill

Ivo Lill was born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1953, and took a degree at Estonian Academy of Arts in 1985. He works with cold technologies to create his intricate sculptures from laminated sheet glass. By cutting, etching, gluing, grinding, polishing and sandblasting, he is able to turn basic pieces of glass into refined works of art...Learn More

Kateriin Rikken | Glass artist and gallerist

Kateriin Rikken is a distinguished Estonian glass artist and has been active in the field for the last 15 years, since 2002, when she started studying glass art at the Estonian Academy of Arts... Learn More

Kristiana Pärn

Kristiana Pärn is an Estonian born artist living and working in New York City. At the age of seventeen she launched her art career, studying with Estonian painter Marje Berlokko. Shortly after graduation, Kristiana moved to New York City to study animation at The School of Visual Arts. Since 2005, she has focused exclusively on illustration work, starting out as a textile designer for various Manhattan studios...Learn More


Külliki was born in Hiiumaa, an island off the coast of Estonia. She started her art studies in Leather Art at Tartu Art School. Later she turned toward painting and studied it at the Tallinn Academy of Arts where she graduated with a Master´s degree. During this period, she spent a semester abroad at Rhode Island School of Design... Learn More

Lynne D. Klemmer

Lynne was a studio art graduate of Skidmore College (BS). She also graduated from New England School of Art and Design where she studied Environmental/Interior Design. She has had several careers in architectural interiors and landscape design. For the last 10 years she has been working in her studio full time...Learn More

Ina Simenaite-Nenortas

Ina Simenaite-Nenortas was born in Radviliskis, Lithuania. Since 1949, she lives in Boston, MA. Ina’s interest in art was evident since her early childhood. Not able to pursue her endeavor, Ina became Rehabillitation Therapist. Later in her life she returned to her passion - art, and perfected her skills in enameling on steel and copper. In 1985 her art endeavor took a turn, and the artist embraced much softer medium - fiber art... Learn More

Vytas Sakalas

Vytas Sakalas was born in 1951 in Newark, New Jersey. He received an Associates of Arts Degree in Cinema from Los Angeles City College in 1974 and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts from York College of the City University of New York in 1977. Though Sakalas grew up in Los Angeles, California, later he resided in Boston, Massachusetts for over 10 years. His works were displayed in various Boston galleries, and were acquired by private art collectors as well as Harvard Art Museums (Bush-Reisinger Museum) and Museum of Fine Arts in Boston...Learn More

Marija Yanka

Marija Yanka was born in Lithuania. When she was growing up, she spent a lot of time at the theatre, where her father was a designer and painter of theatrical scenery and a theatre director. After graduating from school, Marija continued her studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts, where she received her Bachelor's degree with specialty in jewelry and blacksmithery... Learn More


In 2001 Julija moved to the United States, Nantucket Island. Nantucket with all its natural beauty became her home and inspiration. Julija set on a painting journey in 2003. She continues to be inspired by the island, her surroundings, and life experiences... Learn More

Rolandas Dabrukas

Born in 1978, Lithuania, Rolandas Dabrukas is a multi-talented artist, who cannot live a day without art. He is a children book illustrator, art teacher, children play performer, and a very creative person. He has been drawing since he remembers himself, which is around the time he was three. He studied at the children's Art school, and continued with art studies into his adulthood...Learn More

Dana Barunas

Born in Germany to Lithuanian parents, Dana grew up in the Boston area. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design, at Mass College of Art... Learn More

Sergei Isupov

Isupov graduated from the Art Institute of Tallinn, Estonia in 1990 with a BA/MFA in Ceramics. In 1994 he immigrated to the United States. Isupov has a long international resume with work included in numerous collections and exhibitions, including the National Gallery of Australia, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (TX), Museum of Arts and Design (NY), Racine Art Museum (WI) and Museum of Fine Arts Boston (MA)... Learn More

Kadri Pärnamets

Ceramicist Kadri Pärnamets (b. 1968 Rakvere, Estonia, lives and works in Cummington, MA) graduated from the Art Institute of Tallinn, Estonia in 1990 with a BA/MFA in Ceramics. From 2010 lives part time in US and in Estonia. Pärnamets has a long international resume, working as both an educator and independent artist... Learn More

Juris Celms

Juris Celms was born in Riga, Latvia in 1940. From the age of four Juris found joy in the arts and began painting at an early age. He moved to the United States at the age of nine and lived on the upper northern Maine coastline for three years. Those years were spent in the Acadia and Boothby regions, Eastport, Campabello and Pasmaquoddy. There he fell in love with the many moods of the ocean and began trying to express them through art... Learn More

Uno Habakukk

Uno Habakukk is as a tree, whose roots are buried deep in Estonian soil; yet his trunk has reached through the spherical face of the Earth and his crown and branches sway in the USA... Learn More

Ruta Smilskalns

RUTA SMILSKALNS was born in Cesis, Latvia. She moved to the United States with her parents in 1950. In Boston she attended Girls’ Latin School and Radcliffe College in Cambridge MA... Learn More

Kristina Paabus

Kristina Paabus (USA/EE) earned her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She also studied Fine Arts and Religious Studies at University of MassachusettsAmherst, and Printmaking at The Estonian Academy of Arts... Learn More

Rauno Olev Jõks

Rauno Olev Jõks is the son of a Finnish (Karelian) mother and Estonian father and was born and raised in the metropolitan New York area (Long Island), and has been a lifelong member of the NY area Estonian community. His wife Tiina is also EstonianAmerican, along with their three sons – KarlHeikki, MarkusAare, and Madis... Learn More

Gints Grinbergs

A lifelong packrat, Gints initially took up welding at Brookline High School. He earned a BFA and BA (Architecture) at Rhode Island School of Design 1986. and continued studies at SMFA and Mass Art... Learn More

Maija Meirāne Šlesers

Maija Šlesers call herself "an amphibian in the arts." She is a multitalented artist who expresses her creativity in many art forms — printmaking, collage, poetry, art and literary reviews... Learn More

Astrida S. Ramrath

I was born in Latvia. After the Soviet invasion at the end of WW2, together with my family, we left Latvia and eventually came to the United States.

Art has always been in my field of Interest and when I was introduced to crewel embroidery, which was called “painting with needle and thread,” I took private lessons from a professional teacher, Lois Derderian... Learn More

Diana Puodziukynaite

Diana Puodziukynaite was born in Lithuania and lived there until she was nine years old. Then, her family moved to America to the little island of Nantucket. Diana attended New England College, where she fell in love with oil painting. There, she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree... Learn More

Indre Mineikiene

Learn More

Helga Roht Poznanski

Helga was born in Estonia and during WWII her family fled the country via Vienna to Canada; now she spends her time between Maine and Boston... Learn More


Edite graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in design. After graduation she pursued a career in clothing design for over a decade, working various positons as a sportswear, boutique clothing, theatre costume, and later military apparel designer... Learn More

Marjut Karu Nousiainen

Marjut Karu Nousiainen is an Estonian artist who was born in Finland and now lives in Toronto, Canada. She studied at O.C.A. York University, Toronto School of Art, New York Studio School of Art and Weaving in Anjalankoski, Finland... Learn More

Endel Uiga

Almost 90 years ago I loaded, in darkness of a clothes cabinet, a glass plate into a small black box that had a lens and shutter on the other end. It was a most primitive camera. After taking the picture and soaking the plate in developer, magic happened - a picture appeared and I was hooked to photography for the rest of my life. It took me 60 years, a lot of studying and seminars from Ansel Adams to perfect the art and qualified me to teach college level courses. The principle itself was very simple - how to control the brightness of an exposed silver molecule... Learn More